On April 27th 2017, we premiered the short film "Rideshare" as well as showcased the short film "See You Soon", which one the “Best of Fest” at Z-Fest locally here in Minneapolis, MN. But what we also did was announced we’d be doing this project "BLACK", a feature film about police brutality in black America.

This is the first sequence from the screenplay BLACK. WARNING there are SPOILERS!

Toussaint Morrison as JOE
Rod Kasai as DEREK
Mark Gill as COLE
Paul Economon as HEAD OFFICER
David Buchanan as TRAINEE OFFICER
and Sarah Maude-Griffin reading action.

Click to read:  BLACK

Click to read: BLACK

Title: BLACK
Genre: Drama

"This IS resistance..."

A black man begins an uprising after his brother is killed by police during a routine traffic stop.

A modern day Malcolm X, told through the eyes of a black man who saw his brother murdered by police. How from that loss, he generates a united movement of black people to fight against the systemic oppression and violence of white supremacy, through a combination of force, policy, protest and community organizing.

I would have never written this film, had I not seen Philando Castile take his last breaths right there on camera.
– David J. Buchanan


David, Senay, and Toussaint explain their relation to each other and to film production. 

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Please look at our Indiegogo Campagin for more details on the project. https://igg.me/at/blackmovie2018