Written and Directed by: David J. Buchanan
Produced by: Senay Matewos
Starring: Toussaint Morrison and Elora Riley

Cinematography by: Travis Higgins
Music by: Evan S. Etheridge
Editing by: Koowa Rain
Makeup by: Paige Fetter
Sound Department: Nick Christopulos
Gaffer: Dave Palm
Best boy electric: Brandon Hollis
Grips and Electrics: Yoshiji D. Katagiri, Mickey Rich
Script supervisor: Molly Katagiri
Script supervisor: Sarah Maude-Griffin
Production coordinator: Sarah Storbakken-Fehr

Also starring: Shana Eisenberg, Josalynn Robinson, and Tatiana Williams

Genre: Mystery | Thriller

"No… I’m not going to KILL my wife!"

Anguished by his adulterous wife, a rideshare driver is coerced down a path of murder by a female client in hopes to bring him the courage to confront his wife.

Tormented by his constant repressed suspicions about his wife’s extramarital affair, Maurice, a non-confrontational rideshare driver is motivated by a mysterious and calculating, Demi, to get retribution from his wife. Demi entices Maurice to kill his cheating wife as a show of his manhood, and as a permanent solution that will end his internal torment, but the only way to build himself up to the murder is to kill other passengers along the way.

Shot by: Anthony Harlin
Edited by: Koowa Rain

Senay Matewos, Paige Fetter, David Buchanan, Toussaint Morrison.
Photo by: Anthony Harlin

Behind the scenes poster shoot for RIDESHARE.

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Photos credited to: Anthony Harlin and Shane Hawkins